Public Affairs & Communications

Presidio is a Latino-owned, bipartisan strategic public affairs and communications firm based in California and committed to delivering innovative and integrity-driven solutions to drive transformative results.

We serve a diverse range of private-sector entities across multiple industries, government entities, and nonprofits, focusing on fostering meaningful change and enhancing public dialogue. Our commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and excellence empowers our clients to achieve their goals and advocate effectively in an ever-evolving public landscape.

At Presidio School Communications, we aim to be your trusted partner in school district communications. With years of dedicated experience in education, policy, advocacy, and mass media, we specialize in navigating the intricacies of educational environments, understanding the unique issues at play, and fostering meaningful connections with all stakeholders involved.

We recognize the immense responsibilities and challenges that school administrators face daily. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to alleviate the pressures of the administrator’s role by providing expert communication strategies and support.

At Presidio Foundry, our range of offerings spans from the inception of web design and development to encompass hosting, maintenance, and optimization, guaranteeing the thriving success of your digital footprint.

We specialize in crafting visually engaging, functional, user-centric, and versatile websites designed to enrapture your audience while staying aligned with your core mission. Our proficiency lies in effectively showcasing your brand essence, mirroring your company’s identity and values, and providing a robust platform to engage with potential clients.

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